I am the child of two architects. I think it explains a lot.

I was born in the late 1970s in Wroclaw.

In the 1980s my Dad worked designing hotels in Kuwait.

During that time, my mother (who was an admirer of nature, history of art, and literature), introduced me to the world of beauty. This education influenced my future to a much greater extent than school.

My sensitivity and imagination were shaped by hiking trips and forest strolls, exploration of ancient castle ruins along the Trail of the Eagles’ Nests, excursions to crumbling Renaissance palaces, sightseeing tours of Gothic cathedrals, timber churches and observation of fading witnesses of history, off the beaten track.

I remember being fascinated as a child by the skeleton of a leafless vine, climbing up an abandoned building. I remember tangled roots growing over a huge rock. I rememeber a maze of intertwining branches, a drawing of leaf veins under a microscope, an organic line on an art-nouveau facade or young birch trees tenderly overgrowing the roof of a rickety barn…

A symbiotic (?) coexistence of nature and culture.

In high school I dreamed of becoming a scenographer (I had a 2-year adventure in a drama class in the 14th High School in Wroclaw). Despite my high hopes, I did not succeed in unlocking my creative potential until I transferred to an architectural class in the 3rd High School in Wroclaw. The decision to study Fine Arts was inspired by my freehand drawing teacher. I chose the painting program. My journey through this program lasted 7 years and had many bumps, twists and turns. When I wasn’t drawing, I was reading books or going for long walks with a pair of headphones on lsitening to music from my walkman, feeding and nurturing my imaginary visions of uninhabited worlds.

I have never parted with these worlds and today they keep inspiring me to create new paintings and drawings, in which a network of lines symbolically entwines the portrayed illusion of a nonexistent reality…

My artwork has been on display during my solo exhibitions, some of which were entiled: 'On the Verge of Reality’, 'In a Tangle of Imagination’, and 'Permeation’

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